Better Raid Coordination for Neverwinter

Never type "link artis/mounts pls" again.

A one-stop-shop for optimizing your Neverwinter raids.


Manage characters, artifacts & mounts

Keep track of which of your characters have access to which artifacts and mount powers. When you get invited to a raid group, all you'll need to do is click the unique link for that raid, confirm which character you're playing, and voila! Halaster's magic will handle the rest and help determine which artifact/mount combo will be optimal for you given the group composition.


Optimize your buffs and debuffs

Instead of your raid lead spending 20 minutes trying to figure out who has which artifacts and mounts, they can just send out a unique link — just like a Discord server invite. Once everyone has joined the raid, our magic will analyze the group composition and generate the optimal artifact and mount assignments — which the raid lead can feel free to override as they see fit.

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