Better Raid Coordination for Neverwinter

Frequently Asked Questions

Who built this?

This site is maintained by Nyvaril@hugienwn, one of the guild leaders for Civil Anarchy on the Dragon server. Nyv is a long-time NW player and IRL software engineer who built this tool in his free time as a way to try to help his guild/alliance waste less time coordinating mounts & artifacts when preparing to raid together.

I noticed the lack of SSL and am suspicious. Is this safe? Are you phishing for my Neverwinter password?!

The site is built in Ruby on Rails with a Postgres database hosted on Heroku for a few bucks a month. Passwords are encrypted at the database level and no other sensitive information is collected. I do not recommend that you use the same password here as you use for you Arc/Cryptic/Neverwinter/Epic/etc. accounts, simply as a best practice for keeping your various accounts secure. I have no way to access your unencrypted password, nor do I have any interest even if I could. I'm already a whale in NW who has everything I could ever want. :P

This is great, I love it, let me pay you money!

I'm too lazy to set up a Patreon or donate button or w/e, but thank you. :) I just built this to be helpful & it costs me very little to host. Please spread the word if you think your guild/alliance/friends could benefit from the convenience this tool provides & I'll be a happy guy.

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